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Simple Repairs With Big Results

Simple Repairs With Big Results

Maintaining the integrity of your home does not have to be difficult or expensive, but due to poor maintenance, many homeowners find their property falling apart far too soon. Handyman Pro wants to help you maintain your property. Consequently, this article will share four simple repairs you can make to maintain the value of your home.

Peeling Wallpaper

Over time it is common for wallpaper to begin to peel. Luckily, there is a simple fix for this common problem — you will need a knife, wallpaper paste, writing paper. With a knife smear wallpaper paste onto the piece of writing paper. Next, rub the paper against the peeling section and press the wallpaper against the wall. Finally, slide the writing paper out and smooth away any air bubbles with a clean cloth.

Stuck Sliding Windows

To fix your sliding windows you will need a little silicone spray lubricant. You should be able to find silicone spray lubricant at your local hardware store. Spray the lubricant onto a rag, then wipe along the tracks. This fix will work well for nearly every type of window.

Hard-To Remove Light Bulb

Hard-to remove light bulbs are a pain — they break easily and make a simple task tricky. To make a tricky light bulb easy to remove you will only need duct tape.

Press the middle of a foot-long strip of duct tape onto the middle of the bulb. Next, fold each loose end in half so it sticks onto itself. Grip each end of the duct tape and rotate the tape counterclockwise, this will loosen the bulb.

Squeaky Door Hinges

To fix your squeaky door hinges you only need a little petroleum jelly or silicone spray lubricant. Wipe-down your door hinges with either material, and this should resolve your problem. If not, lift the hinge pins about halfway and lubricate them as well, remember to use a rag to catch any excess lubricant.

You can make many home repairs yourself and with common household materials, but sometimes you need the help of a professional team. 

Have any of these simple repairs worked for you? Do you know of any other DIY repairs? Let us know in the comments below, we want to hear from you!

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