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What You Can Do with a Finished Basement

What You Can Do with a Finished Basement

The unfinished basement is a great space for your storage needs. But when you’re feeling a little low on elbow room, or want to create a new space for a specific purpose, finishing your basement is an easy way to make use of what you already have and turn it into something better.

Handyman Pro offers a variety of remodeling services, including basement finishing. To get your creative juices flowing, we have compiled a list of possibilities for your newly completed basement.

  1. Break a Sweat in a Home Gym

In many states, the gyms are still closed, or members don’t feel comfortable using them. Now is the perfect time to create an at-home gym. Splurge on an exercise bike or treadmill, or create an open space to perfect calisthenics or dumbbell training. Either way, your basement can be transformed into an air-conditioned safe space to break a sweat and get your endorphins flowing.

  1. Gather in the Game Room

Gather around a poker table for a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em, or break out the billiards table for a fun game that escapes the summer heat. If you have young kids, a game room can double as a playroom that contains the tiny pieces from various board games to one space of your house and keeps the kitchen and living room clean.

  1. Make a Movie Theater

An at-home movie theater is not as impossible as it may seem. All you need is comfy seating, a widescreen television, and decent acoustics -- which are easily achieved in a finished basement. If you’re feeling fancy, you can add a popcorn machine or even ask for stepped flooring during the renovation process so everyone can enjoy the latest Avengers film with a perfect view.

  1. Build an At-Home Bar

Avoid crowded bars and overpriced drinks by simply making them at home! A basement bar creates a cool environment for entertainment or for unwinding at the end of a long day. You can install a counter, some barstools, and a mini-fridge (and plenty of shelving for your liquors and glassware) and create a relaxing space for the adults of the house. Still not convinced? Here is some inspiration to stock your at-home bar.

  1. Create a Guest Bedroom

Make room for the in-laws or other guests, or create a safe space for your teenager to feel more independent. The basement bedroom is a tried-and-true way to repurpose your basement (and increase your home’s value!)

However you decide to transform your basement, you can trust Handyman Pro to complete the job on-time and on-budget. For a free virtual estimate, give us a call at (855) 640-3727.