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Why Handyman Pro’s Fix-It Plan is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why Handyman Pro’s Fix-It Plan is the Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s been a stressful year. The holiday seasons can bring more stress, with the pressure from hosting and finding the perfect gift.

Our job is to eliminate stress in the area we know best – home maintenance. The Handyman Pro Fix-It Plan relieves the tension from your home maintenance. By automating the service and offering options in three Tiers of service, each with increasing benefits, the Fix-It Plan makes home maintenance simpler – and more affordable, with discounted hourly rates.

Here are four reasons why the Fix-It Plan makes for an excellent holiday gift.

1. You don’t have to worry about shipping.

COVID-19 precautions have driven more shoppers online this year. According to CNBC, Salesforce projects packages sent through delivery services will exceed capacity by 5% globally between the week before Cyber Week and Dec. 26. For the last-minute shopper, signing your friend or family member up for the Fix-It Plan will give them a practical gift – and they don’t have to wait for it to arrive.

2. Shoppers seek more meaningful gifts this year.

Many big box office stores offer online shopping options to adapt to the pandemic, but for the holiday season, shoppers are seeking more personalized gifts to spread some holiday cheer. Online searches and purchasing patterns indicate that holiday shoppers are seeking meaningful gifts. For new or old homeowners, this gift shows you value their time and safety.

3. It saves time.

Regular maintenance is vital for your home’s upkeep. But it can also be time-consuming. From roof inspection, checking your HVAC and water heaters, and even just testing your smoke detectors, home maintenance tasks can overwhelm an already busy homeowner. By gifting the Fix-It Plan, you are taking an important task off your loved one’s plate.

4. It saves money.

We get it – life gets busy, and it’s so easy to put off your maintenance tasks another month or two. Unfortunately, when you neglect regular maintenance, smaller fixes can build up into substantial, expensive repairs. The Fix-It Plan ensures that trained eyes will regularly make repairs on your house to keep things up to date and prevent pricey repair costs.

To learn more about how the Handyman Pro Fix-It Plan can meet the needs of your friends and family, contact your local Handyman Pro by calling (855) 640-3727.