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3 Home Improvement Ideas for a Satisfying Backyard Refresh

3 Home Improvement Ideas for a Satisfying Backyard Refresh

With social distancing in place across the country, summer plans are shifting into staycations within our own backyards. All the time spent at home means a heightened dedication and interest in home improvement projects. We’ve got a skilled team of hard working pros who can help you revive your backyard. Here are three simple ideas to refresh your space for the summer:

  1. Fix Your Fence
    A simple wooden fence frames many backyards. While there are ways to protect and enforce your wood fence against the elements, rot, and insects, when the wear-and-tear gets to be more daunting than a DIY patch, it’s best to get your fence reinforced, repaired, and re-stained by a pro. Protect your property and protect your residents from splintering wood and rusted nails. Just like a new coat of paint on your walls makes a room feel like new, you’ll hardly recognize how your backyard shines.

  1. Make it Stain
    The backyard deck is a lovely abode where you can relax, unwind, and grill with the family. But it’s also exposed to sun damage, rain and snow, and regular damage that comes with time. Before the heat of summer swings into full gear, get your deck repaired and re-stained in order to prevent stubbed toes and splinters, and seal out the weather damage that comes from the summer sun and those afternoon storms. You can even get your deck stained in a different color to really change up your look.

  2. Build a Firepit
    One of the sweetest signs of summer is the gathering of friends and family around an open fire to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Maybe you have an old firepit that you’ve let fall a little rough around the edges, or maybe you’re interested in building one from scratch. Either way, a skilled mason can construct a beautiful stone firepit for the centerpiece of your summer nights.

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