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How a Simple Renovation Can Transform Your Kitchen or Bathroom

How a Simple Renovation Can Transform Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Is your back tired of stooping over the bathroom sink? Or are you bored of unloading your dishes into dingy, outdated cabinets? More time spent at home inspires a laundry list of to-do items to improve your standard of living. Luckily, Handyman Pro’s renovation services can be your one-stop-shop for the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams!

Ditch the Old Countertops

DID YOU KNOW: The standard height of a bathroom vanity or sink is 32”, while the standard height of kitchen countertops is 36” tall. Bathroom countertops were traditionally shorter to adjust for children. In the last decade, comfort height countertops have soared in popularity to prevent adults from straining to bend over the low bathroom sink.

GO WITH THE PROS: A bathroom renovation can raise the countertops for your convenience or increase the number of sinks in the kids’ bathroom to spare morning spars. Our qualified carpenters know to measure twice and cut once to ensure a perfect fit for your space! With our professional equipment and quality materials, we can bring your new counters and cabinets to life in a timely and affordable manner.

Repaint or Reface the Cabinets

DID YOU KNOW: Painting is the more affordable option for a kitchen upgrade, but it requires upkeep to prevent dust collection. Refacing is a more durable option that involves replacing only the front-facing parts of your cabinets (the doors and the handles) while leaving the rest intact. A full remodel restructures the layout of your kitchen and upgrades your cabinets with a replacement.

GO WITH THE PROS: Handyman Pro technicians are skilled in painting and take extra precautions to prime and protect the rest of your kitchen or bathroom from a rogue brushstroke. We also offer remodeling and renovation services to completely transform your space and help you build your dream room from top to bottom.

New Year, New Flooring

DID YOU KNOW: When properly installed, a hardwood flooring finish can last well over ten years with careful maintenance. And as long as you don’t notice any loose boards or loud squeaking, a refinish can restore your flooring without a costly replacement. Ceramic tile can last 75 to 100 years, while stone tile can last over 100! Tiles also allow you to replace one broken or loose tile without tearing up your entire floor.

GO WITH THE PROS: Our honest estimates ensure necessary maintenance recommendations for your flooring, but we won’t suggest a replacement you don’t need. Our professionals can resolve wear and tear from water damage, loose boards, or broken tiles – or start from scratch with a brand new floor installation.

Repair Your Plumbing Problems

DID YOU KNOW: A DIY home renovation project can lower its value. New appliances may appear shiny and modern in your kitchen, but their shimmer doesn’t mean they were properly installed. Dangerously wrong plumbing will not be up to code – which can harm your ability to sell later.

GO WITH THE PROS: Our technicians can handle virtually all your plumbing needs – including the sinks, drains, and dishwashers that come from kitchen and bathroom remodels. You can trust our team to repair the problems that need to be fixed without charging for additional, unnecessary expenses.

Handyman Pro craftsmen are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can trust that your home is in good hands with our reliable, affordable handyman services. For a free estimate, call the pros at (855) 640-3727.