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7 Simple Summer Home Fixes

7 Simple Summer Home Fixes

A few small and easy repairs can instantly upgrade your home. With summer quickly approaching, make sure your home is visitor ready with these simple home fixes. For all these small projects and more, make sure you call the home upkeep experts: Handyman Pro— you can book your free estimate here!

Change light fixtures or lightbulbs:

Do you have that one lightbulb you’ve been meaning to change or a certain fixture that’s been attached to your wall since the 50’s? Consider making a quick lighting upgrade to make your home more inviting.

*Quick tip: if your home has limited options for overhead lighting, try hanging string lights along the ceiling or placing a few lamps around the living area. Having some variety will help make the space feel more engaging.

Change faucets in kitchens and bathrooms:

Could your sinks use a little bit of love? This simple but often overlooked repair can make a huge difference in the appeal of your home. A new faucet will not only make your home feel more modern, but may even cut down on your water bill.

Check caulk around your home:

Water damage can seriously affect your home--and your wallet! One simple way to reduce the possibility of damage is to check the caulk around sinks and showers. Caulk should be checked about twice a year during summer and winter; when temperatures are more extreme and it is prone to cracking. Caulk can really get everywhere, so definitely use an expert professional for this job or risk ruining your carpets!

Fix or replace toilets:

Feel like your money is being flushed away? A damaged toilet can be an expensive liability. If you are suspicious that yours may be inflating the water bill, consider replacing it.

Touch up paint:

Treat your walls to some TLC by touching up chipped paint. This easy home fix is super affordable and can instantly make your home look much better. If your walls have suffered lots of wear and tear, consider using paint to cover up the marks or scuffs.

Replace AC filters:

Trying to stay cool this summer? If you regularly use AC, we recommend replacing your AC filter about every other month to help cut down on harmful irritants. This EPA report outlines the importance of properly filtered air within your home. Continually changing AC filters is a great way to help reduce the number of pollutants and to improve your home's air quality.

Replace Torn Screens:

Just because your friends may have an open invite to your home doesn’t mean insects should. Keep pesky bugs out of your home by replacing or repairing torn screens.

Rely on Handyman Pro for any home improvement projects you may have this summer. Our Pros are licensed experts in building long-lasting decks and fences, masonry projects, remodels, and so much more! For a free estimate, give us a call at (855) 640-3727.