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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating the Walls of Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating the Walls of Your Home

Wall art ties a room together and truly makes a space feel like home. Different pieces can add pops of color, make statements, or influence the impression of a certain room. While everyone has their own aesthetic styles and artistic tastes, we compiled a guide of basic principles we love to use when selecting the pieces to hang on our walls.

Entryway/ Foyer:

The main entryway or foyer should set the scene for the rest of the house. Use art that aligns with other pieces in your home to craft a visual narrative. While not art, a mirror can also be a great wall hanging for this room, as it will enable you to double check your appearance on the way out the door.


The bedroom can be a great place to hang art with personal meaning. Bedroom art should be a reflection of your individual values or tastes. It can be hung over the bed or on an opposite wall to help anchor the space. As a piece of art that you will see first thing in the morning and right before bed, we caution against a visually stimulating piece, as it can feel overwhelming.


Minimalist prints, black & white photography and meditative portraits help set a tranquil mood within the bathroom. We also recommend incorporating works with soft hues of blues and greens to give your bathroom a spa-like feel.


As one of the most important rooms in the house, the kitchen should feel clean and inviting. A large botanical or floral print can be a great choice because it adds visual interest without making the kitchen feel too busy. Another classic choice are vintage drawings of chefs or café terraces. Ultimately, kitchen art should align with the feelings you hope to inspire with the food you prepare.

Main Room:

The main room can be a great place to incorporate a gallery wall. Mix and match different pieces to tell a story. The main room can also be a great room to hang a larger, more visually stimulating piece of art. Add smaller works with personal meaning along other walls to complete the space and get interesting conversations flowing.

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