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Light Up Your Backyard with Outdoor String Lights

Light Up Your Backyard with Outdoor String Lights

As the weather starts to get warmer, it has everyone wanting to spend more time outside and when you do, you’ll want your backyard in great shape!

What better way to spruce up your space then adding outdoor string lights. Whether it’s hanging string lights from trees, using a potted plant base/post, or attaching the lights directly onto the deck, string lights create a warm inviting atmosphere for your friends and family to gather around. Remember, your local Handyman Pro offers maintenance services so you can get these lights up quickly in your backyard oasis!

Hanging Outdoor String Lights from Trees

A tree can provide natural support for decorative string lights, especially if you have two trees on each side of a grassy area. Use these tips below and your lights will look like they’re floating in the air after dark!

  • First, measure the distance between where you want to hang the lights. Remember to consider how tight you want the lights as you measure. Tight lights give more structure, while looser ones feel more casual

  • Drill guide holes where you want to hang the lights. Make sure to have a helper on deck to string the lights from one tree to the other and double check to make sure they are the right distance apart

  • Install a hook into each tree at the marked spot then install the bulbs in your string lights

  • Thread the string lights onto the hooks

  • Connect your string lights using an extension cord (if needed).

Hanging Outdoor String Lights on Posts

If your deck/patio has nowhere for you to hang string lights on, insert a pressure treated post in either half barrels, planters or another outdoor container. REMEMBER the containers need to be big and heavy enough to hold the posts without tipping over.

  • Start by screwing cup hooks into the sides of the posts, a few inches from the top. Figure out the placement of the containers and put them into place before filling them. We suggest placing them ten feet apart in a square or rectangular shape.

  • Have a helper to keep the post upright in the center of the container while you fill it. For a decorative container, leave enough room for a layer of gravel for drainage and some potting soil and plants.

  • Use a ladder to drape the lights over the hooks at the top of the posts or attach them using twist ties.

  • Connect your string lights using an extension cord (if needed).


Hanging Outdoor String Lights on Your Deck Railing

If you don’t have trees or posts you can use in your backyard, hang them on your deck railings instead!

  • Measure your string lights to run the entire length of the deck railing or just the main length of the railing.

  • Make sure your string lights are attached to an extension cord (if needed)

  • Start with the string light closest to your power supply (if applicable) and use a staple gun or hooks to fasten the lights to the railing.

  • Continue this process throughout the entire length of the railing.

  • Install the bulbs and check your lights.

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