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Seasonal Home Improvements for Fix-It Fall

Seasonal Home Improvements for Fix-It Fall

Elevate your home this autumn with our list of "Fix-It Fall" improvements! Constructed from our years of experience here at Handyman Pro, we’ve compiled a list of home repairs and upgrades to make this fall before winter weather sets in.

Hang curtains throughout your home

Frame your windows with curtains to make the interior of your home feel complete. Curtains also insulate the windows to help cut energy costs. If your home is missing this affordable and impactful improvement, Handyman Pro can help.

Clean out your gutters

Stay on top of twigs, leaves, and debris so they don’t end up clogging your waterspout and causing water damage to your home. The beginning of fall is a great time for this project. Since this can be a dangerous job—especially if your home has a second story, save yourself the risk and the hassle by leaving this job to professionals.

Inspect your heating system and thermostat

Is your home’s heating system equipped for the upcoming chilly months? Ensure your heating system and thermostat are working properly. Consider replacing your thermostat if you believe it may be driving up your energy costs. There are plenty of options for various budgets that will help make your home more energy-efficient.

Check insulation around windows and doors

Examine the insulation quality around spaces in your home where heat could escape. If the insulation is in poor condition or you can feel cool air through a gap, patch or replace it with an insulation kit. Be very thorough in this process—it’s easy to miss a spot! To be completely certain that this job is done right, consider hiring a professional.

For any home improvement or maintenance project you may have, contact the professionals in home repair: Handyman Pro. For a free estimate on your next home improvement project, call (855) 640-3727. Enjoy peace of mind by leaving the work to us!