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Three Space-Saving Home Improvements to Make for Back-to-School

Three Space-Saving Home Improvements to Make for Back-to-School

Upgrade the areas around your home for the next school year with our list of improvements to maximize space. By keeping your house organized and maintained with our collection of tips, you can make this year the best one yet!

Use hooks for hanging up commonly used items

Hang hooks up around your home to help keep jackets, backpacks, and lunch boxes off of the floor. Lighter objects like keys can be hung from hooks installed with Command strips. For heavier objects like backpacks, use hooks drilled into the wall. Make sure to measure carefully and examine the state of the wall before drilling— you don’t want to create any unnecessary damage. For heavier items, locate studs in the walls for greater support. Consider hiring a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Construct shelving for heavier objects

Install shelves around your home to hold shoes, school supplies, or books. Make sure to be careful—assembling shelving can be a tricky task. Complicated directions can turn the building process into a nightmare. If you have young kids, special precautions should be taken during installation to ensure that shelves will not topple over. Always double-check during the building process and prioritize safety when using tools. For peace of mind, delegate this project to Handyman Pro’s trained, licensed professionals.

Invest in functional cabinets and storage

Purchase furniture and cabinets that can store items around the house and out of sight. TV stands with cabinets can be used to hold things such as video game consoles, remotes, and movies without making your home look cluttered. Make sure to contact us for assistance with any carpentry project you may have. Our Fix-It plan includes automated monthly maintenance, so you can use trusted professionals for your space-saving home improvements!

For any home improvement or maintenance project you may have, contact the licensed professionals, Handyman Pro. We offer home repair and remodeling services as well as our signature Fix-It plan for automated monthly maintenance. For a free estimate on your next home improvement project, call (855) 640-3727. Enjoy peace of mind by leaving the work to us!