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More Than a Typical Handyman Or Remodeling Company

Our handyman technicians understand how busy life can be. With so many things that need maintenance in your home, it’s important to have a team you can trust to help you tackle all of your projects or problems. As a customer-focused solution provider, we’re dedicated to redefining the home improvement service experience for homeowners and commercial property owners.

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Below are our Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Handyman Pro? Handyman Pro is a full-service home repair and improvement company specializing in residential and commercial services. Handyman Pro acts as a "one-stop-shop" portal for the full range of home improvement needs. We excel at making the process easy for consumers: an easy scheduling process, bidding process, professional customer service center, service delivery, and follow-up.
What type of jobs do you do? We strive to be a one stop shop for our customers. To make maintenance simple, we provide a wide range of services like carpentry and cabinets, electrical, flooring, plumbing, painting, handyman service, roofing, siding, gutters, windows and doors, landscaping, masonry, HVAC, and remodeling. The breadth of an individual’s office’s service will vary upon maturity and local licensing.
Who supplies the materials, tools, etc? We here at Handyman Pro have the tools it will take to do each job, it is important to us to make the work flow as smoothly and professionally as possible. If there are materials for a job that our customer does not have, we are able to go to purchase those materials for the project.
Do you mark up materials? If the job requires us to purchase materials for your project, a reasonable and fair markup will be applied to cover the cost of selecting, loading and delivering the materials to your home or office. Our contractor will discuss the amount with you prior to purchasing them on your behalf. You always have the option to purchase the materials yourself and have them ready for us to install. Our contractor will give you the option of having the items added on to the final cost of your project or you may pay them the amount on the receipt when they arrive to do the project. Depending on the price of the materials required, a deposit may be required to cover the cost of these items. If the item is a special order that cannot be returned, the full amount of this item will be required prior to the commencement of work to be performed.
Do you charge trip fees? At Handyman Pro the only time you would be charged an extra amount for a trip fee would be in order for the contractor to go purchase the extra needed materials for the project. There is only a one-hour service fee and that rate varies depending on the local office's rates.
How do I schedule service? To schedule a service call: (855) 640-3727
What are your working hours; can you come out immediately, and do you offer emergency service? Our offices are open from 8-5. For the contractors, times vary depending on the schedule for each day. We are usually able to help you within a 24-hour time span and depending on the schedule can be at your home in case of an emergency.
Do you provide estimates? We do provide estimates. They are free and we are able to deliver a detailed estimate within 4 to 5 business days.
Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? All of our contractors are licensed and insured. And our work carries a one year warranty on it as well (Some offices are bonded).
How do you charge? What forms of payment do you accept? On small jobs we charge by the hour. On larger jobs we can give a flat bid price. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

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