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Our Partners

Our Partners

Handyman Pro’s Home Team Advantage

We’re looking to form strategic alliances with qualified contractors! Handyman Pro delivers skilled services that encompass every aspect of the home repair and remodeling industry by partnering with tradespeople and contractors who share our commitment to excellence in customer service. Our partners include homebuilders, home inspectors, realtors, interior designers, craftsmen, and others, and we screen each one to ensure skill, experience, and professionalism.

As a partner of Handyman Pro, you’ll enjoy:

  • Local office support, including scheduling, billing, and customer service
  • Steady job leads on the work you want when you want it
  • Credibility and prestige, thanks to our national reputation for excellence
  • Earned benefits through our Partner Appreciation program for long-term partners
  • Freedom from wasted time giving free estimates or chasing dead-end leads

Take advantage of our partnership opportunities. You’ll be able to grow your business while focusing only on what you do best: Your work.

  • "He (contractor) did an excellent job, we use you all the time. Great job!"
    -Nancy G.
  • "The service was high quality and was performed in a very professional manner."
    -Ben H.
  • "We've worked with you on several projects, and they've all turned out great."
    -Winnie B.
  • "Dyson always does good work and we will continue to use him again."
    -Kate L.
  • "I personally feel that your business did a superb job on the project"
    -Theo T.
  • "Everything was perfect. We have used you guys in the past and will continue to use you."
    -Liz M.
  • "Rob is very professional. He works fast and I know that he is getting the work done right the first time."
    -Sarah G.
  • "I had been given several estimates in closing in my patio and I found that Handyman Pro was very affordable."
    -Megan B.

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